Can Spinal Injuries Be Cured?

25 May

We’llspine know soon. InVivo Therapeutics, whose spinal scaffolding treatment has restored the ability to walk in primates with severely damaged spinal cords, has received FDA approval to perform human trials. The trials should start very soon, with results expected in approximately a year or less. It should be noted that InVivo is cautious about expecting a “cure,” but is optimistic that some improvement or restoration of function will be achieved.

If these trials are successful it will be a magnificent achievement, and a reminder of how much we all owe to the scientists and engineers who devote their lives (and risk their fortunes) in developing advanced technologies.

Disclosure: I have recently purchased shares of InVivo (NVIV). Some interesting background on InVivo can be found in this article by PropThink: “InVivo’s Solution To Spinal Cord Injury Is A Billion Dollar Opportunity.” Despite the glowing review, I consider this stock to be highly speculative and do not advise buying shares unless you can afford to lose your entire investment.

-Ed Walker


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