Getting It Right: Measurements and Cooking (Part 2)

29 Mar

Measurements Trump Opinions & Intuition

“Nowadays when I’m lucky enough to watch a coveted recipe in progress I can come fairly close to replicating it. Even so the streams of liquids pouring into a bowl can be impossible to estimate as are random scoops of ‘this and that’.  I’ve often thought there must be a better way to capture creative genius. Then one day I recalled the secrets of baking – all ingredients, no matter how small, are weighed. Professional bakers don’t use cups or teaspoons, they use pounds and ounces or grams and kilograms. Baking relies a lot on chemistry and a key to making a consistent product is precise control of measurements.”

-from “Seasoning to Taste – and fond memories…..” 29 Mar 2012 post by Chef Joy in Choose Cooking

(Also see “Getting It Right: Measurements and Cooking” (Part 1))



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