What Would Happen If The Government Didn’t Take Care Of Us?

26 Nov

As discussed previously, (e.g. “Feedback, Prices, and Sullen Spouses“), the federal government is not, and cannot be, an efficient provider of goods or services. Yet, some folks ask, what would happen without it? Wouldn’t the poor starve?

No. And here’s one of the best and most concise summaries of why this is so: “America Before The Entitlement State” (by Yaron Brook and Don Watkins, 18 Nov 2011


“After all, the world before the twentieth century–before the New Deal, the New Frontier, the Great Society–was a dark, dangerous, heartless place where hordes of Americans starved in the streets.

“Except it wasn’t and they didn’t. The actual history of America shows something else entirely: picking your neighbors’ pockets is not a necessity of survival. Before America’s entitlement state, free individuals planned for and coped with tough times, taking responsibility for their own lives.”

-Ed Walker


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