ET EXTRA: Is EasyWater (The “No Salt Water Conditioner”) A Scam?

18 Aug

fire Engineering Thinking Extra Is A Short Review Of A Current Hot Topic


Define the problem and set the goals: Hard water. Want to find a water conditioner at a reasonable price. Said conditioner should remove/prevent scale, prevent spotting, and make water feel good to the touch. A no-salt device as claimed by EasyWater would be a plus.

Do the research: Check some sites by knowledgeable chemistry professionals. Gallery of water-related pseudoscience has this to say about EasyWater: “They have toned down their previous silly hype, and now just give the usual dubious stuff about electromagnetic scale control.”

Analyze & test: Check if the EasyWater web site presents independent third-party testing that supports its claims. As of this post it doesn’t. The site is full of anecdotal comments of unknown validity, and what engineers call “hand waving”; technical mumbo jumbo meant to impress those without a science background. Amazingly, the site’s FAQ section clearly states that the product does not achieve the goals of a conventional water conditioner. But hey, it doesn’t use salt.

Conclusion:  Avoid this company until they present some solid third-party test evidence that their product provides benefits associated with “water conditioning,” which would include substantial scale removal/prevention.

Note to EasyWater: If you have any independent verifiable scientific evidence that quantifies the amount of scale removed or prevented by your products as compared to a conventional salt-based water conditioner, please submit. I will be happy to post.

-Ed Walker


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