ET EXTRA: Protecting Your Life: Zetia and Vytorin Probably Don’t Work, and May Cause Cancer

22 Dec

Engineering Thinking Extra Is A Short Review Of A Current Hot Topic

Drug Company Merck Gets The Shameful Behavior Label

“…Merck‘s clever marketers have spun straw into gold: Over the last seven years they have convinced doctors to prescribe $21 billion worth of Zetia and its sister drug, Vytorin … The drugs are on track to do $4 billion dollars in combined sales this year, despite multiple studies sugesting they fail to prevent clogged arteries.”

-Matthew Herper, “Zetia’s Miraculous Popularity,” 14 Dec 2009 issue of Forbes


“‘Based on the currently available information, FDA believes it is unlikely that Vytorin or Zetia increase the risk of cancer or cancer-related death, but at this time an association cannot be definitively ruled out,’ the agency said in a posting on its Web site Tuesday.

“The FDA’s views come after it finished a review of a clinical trial that shocked investors and the medical community when it showed an increased risk of cancer and deaths from cancer in patients taking Vytorin compared with those given a placebo.”

Jared A. Favole, “FDA Says ‘Unikely’ That Vytorin, Zetia Increase Cancer Risk,” 22 Dec 2009 Wall Street Journal

-Ed Walker

FDA Says ‘Unlikely’ That Vytorin, Zetia Increase Cancer Risk


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