ET EXTRA: The Tragedy Of Congressional Arrogance

20 Dec

Engineering Thinking Extra Is A Short Review Of A Current Hot Topic

It looks like the U.S. Congress is getting ready to pass a massive Health Care bill. Regardless of one’s views on the need for health care reform, it can be stated flatly that the process that has unfolded over the past months is anything but rational.

If Congress had presented their proposal to an engineering review team, the response would be shock, followed by hilarious laughter. The engineering team leader would then have admonished Congress to get their act together, and not return until they had a concise and logical presentation, backed up by appropriate research.

Politics does not have to be corrupt and immoral. Unfortunately, for the majority now controlling Congress, it is. And make no mistake, the actions of Congress are not going to make life better for the little guy. If you’re an average person — a  truck driver, or a lady selling cosmetics in a department store — it may make you feel better to think that government is going to take care of you at the expense of “rich folks,” but the opposite is true. Do your own research, employ engineering thinking (and in particular avoid emotional blockages), and in my view you will come to the same conclusion.

Engineering Thinking awards its maximum Five Jacks award1 to Congress for its irrational and bull-headed obsession for enacting a bill that will make things worse — much worse — rather than better.

-Ed Walker

Note 1: The Jack, or knave, is considered to be of lowly and untrustworthy status.


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