ET EXTRA: Five-Baloney Rating Awarded To U.S. Congress

10 Oct

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5 BaloneyET Extra is proud to announce the presentation of its Baloney Award to the U.S. Congress for its work on health care reform. This award is only given to those who have demonstrated a complete inability to understand and apply any of the key principles of Engineering Thinking.

Congress has achieved a 5-Baloney score, the highest possible rating, for its claim that its health care reform legislation will “provide increased health care to millions while reducing costs.” This claim is rated to be totally unbelievable and devoid of any rational basis, based on (a) the inherent inefficiencies of government (see “We Interrupt This Blog…“), (b) the government’s proven track record of running up enormous debt on every major program implemented over past decades (under both Democrat and Republican administrations). and (c) massive amounts of empirical (historical) data that overwhelmingly demonstrate the folly of government-run health care programs.

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