ET EXTRA: The Elephant That Wasn’t There

09 Oct

fire Engineering Thinking Extra Is A Short Review Of A Current Hot Topic

In a prior post on healthcare, the following significant money-saving conclusion was presented:

The Government Should be Used

To The Minimum Extent Possible For Providing Services

Although I pointed out that this was not an ideological conclusion, I nonetheless had some feedback to the effect that the post indicated a bias for U.S. capitalism; i.e. if government is inferior, then the Big Elephant in the post was that our current system of capitalism is superior.

But that’s not what was said. When reviewing an engineering analysis it’s very important not to read into a conclusion more than was stated in the analysis. In this case, although the analysis clearly concluded that the governmental system is inferior to free-market capitalism, the analysis made no mention of the system that is currently in place in the U.S. Our system, although it has many free-market elements (particularly at the small business level ), is actually a corrupt collusion between the government and its big-money corporate donors, and is in need of deep and rigorous reform.

Therefore, the Big Elephant (the U.S. has an effective and efficient free-market system) was never there.

-Ed Walker


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